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BITF Deluxe Vinyl Variants

BITF Deluxe Vinyl Variants

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Select ONE of the TWO Vinyl Variants (Purple & Gold Ink Spot or Black & Gold Ink Spot).

Both variants limited press of 500.

All variants are housed in a custom colour sleeve with full colour insert.

Track Listing:

Side A
I: Burn In The Flood (3.55)
II: Failsafe (3.22)
III: In Retrospect (3.25)
IV: Monarch (3.35)
V: Better Daze (3.50)
VI: Nerv Feat. Oli Duncanson (3.20)

Side B
VII: Overcast (3.42)
VIII: Remember Me Feat. Ryo Kinoshita (3.30)
IX: Children of Manus Feat. Lochie Keogh (3.51)
X: Blood (4.36)
XI: Seven Years (Shine a Light on Me) (3.44)

Side C
XII:   Shatterdome (4.06)
XIII:  Battle X City Feat. Samantha Bower (4.16)
XIV:  Idlewaves (3.50)
XV:   Miles > Motion (4.12)
XVI:  Monochrome (3.34)

Design: Make North


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