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Hartsick Vinyl Variants

Hartsick Vinyl Variants

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Select ONE of the TWO Vinyl Variants (Trans Orange & Black Splatter or Trans Red & Black Splatter).

OR select the 'Fourth Anniversary Collection' for a discounted price for both Vinyl Variants.

Both variants limited press of 250.

All variants are housed in a custom colour sleeve with full colour insert.

Track Listing:

I:       The Sea Will Sleep...
II:      Loneshark
III:     Throne To The Wolves
IV:     Worms Wood
V:      Hartsick
VI:     Feast For The Crows

VII:    Karmadillo
VIII:   The Wild Will Wait...
IX:      Pride: Lieoness
X:       Pride: Of Might And Mane
XI:      Web Weaver
XII:     The Forest Will Fall...
XIII:    Fox Blood

Design: Make North


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